Monday, November 26, 2007

Support Local Business

Support Local Business
Toledo, Choose Local is a new organization dedicated to encouraging people to spend money only at locally owned businesses. This sounds like a valuable mission because studies indicate every dollar spent locally brings 2 dollars back into the local economy. They are conducting an event this week where you:

“Pick up a Local Business Scavenger Hunt playing card at any participating Toledo Choose Local member business (see below). During the Buy Local Week, visit the participating businesses listed on the playing card to win a prize. Players must receive a stamp from each of the businesses by visiting that business! Receive a stamp at every participating business and win a pre-selected prize from any participating business! Receive a stamp from 8 out of 15 of the businesses and you will be entered in a raffle to win one of 3 amazing prizes!”

I only wish they would have garnered more participating businesses. Participants (and their respective prizes) are: Curb’s Candle Co. - $10 gift certificate, Downtown Latte – Free lunch (includes sandwich & drink), DIVA Restaurant - $10 gift certificate, Flying Rhino Coffee & Chocolates – 1 pound of coffee, Glass City I - $10 gift certificate, Glendale Flowers & Gifts
honey I’m home - $10 gift certificate, Manhattan’s Restaurant - $10 gift certificate, Metroparks Toledo Farmhouse Gift Shop, Murphy’s Place - $10 gift certificate, Organic Bliss - $10 gift certificate, Pam’s Corner – Free lunch
Phoenix Earth Foods Co-Op - $10 gift certificate, Scarpe - $10 gift certificate
Vespa of Toledo – 10% off motorcycle oil

An attempt at compiling a list of locally owned businesses was difficult because all the lists end up including chains. I tried to find restaurants and the best lists were found at and . Unfortunately, you still have to weed through the chains but there are many restaurants represented in these links.
If anyone participates in this game, please let us know what you think of it!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We’re starting with my favorite delicatessen, PJ’s Deli. PJ’s has delicious, fresh sandwiches made with high quality meats, cheeses and condiments. You can name your own sandwich combination and select the type of bread you want. They also have large baked potatoes with a variety of toppings. My favorite is chicken salad with cheese sauce – this has got to be super fattening so if you are watching it, you may want to split this. PJ’s has delicious soups that vary but they always have chicken noodle, vegetable and matzoh ball. In the winter, their chili is perfectly seasoned, the right consistency, and can be topped with freshly shredded cheddar cheese to provide some creamy mellow-ness.

One of the best features of PJ’s Deli is the salad bar. Salad bars were once popular and every restaurant seemed to offer one. Now, very few restaurants offer salad bars and if they do, there are not many toppings to choose. PJ’s has over 30 toppings and homemade specialty salads like seafood salad, the best potato salad in Toledo, macaroni salad, cole-slaw, tuna-mac, spaghetti salad, pea and bacon salad, waldorf salad, and my favorite, broccoli salad!

If you’re planning a meeting or gathering, PJ’s has great catering trays and box lunches. They are located at 500 Madison Avenue, at Superior, in the basement of the Spitzer building. Sometimes parking can be challenging but it is fun (and healthy) to walk the streets of downtown Toledo. Their website is

I should probably disclose to you that PJ (Polly Jo) is my cousin and she lets me eat there for free. I would probably eat there more often if I had to pay but I often feel bad not paying so I try to limit my free meals.
Welcome to Toledo Area Food Blog! As the name implies, this blog is about food that is found in the Toledo area. While restaurants will be a large part, so will grocery and specialty food stores, food-related events, and even food found in people’s kitchens. My name is Rebecca Liebes and I am a self-proclaimed Foodie. I am very passionate about food. When it comes to food, I love to eat, cook, shop for it and see what others are eating, cooking and shopping for. Oh, and you may want to know that I have a doctorate degree in human nutrition and I am a registered dietitian.

The Toledo area has a wealth of food opportunities and lacks documentation about this on the internet. So here we are! I would like to mention The Toledo Blade reviews restaurant’s weekly. Their reviews are very informative and you can search their archives to find out about a restaurant prior to eating there. But this is a more subjective take on food in Toledo – a foodie-nutritionist’s perspective.

I also look forward to your feedback and comments on these posts. If you are interested in something in particular, please ask. Sometimes I will make assumptions that may or may not be the case. I am trying to veer away from the usual nutrition related dietitian-speak and focus more on the food; although my training and education undoubtedly drives food selection, subconsciously.