Sunday, November 25, 2007

Welcome to Toledo Area Food Blog! As the name implies, this blog is about food that is found in the Toledo area. While restaurants will be a large part, so will grocery and specialty food stores, food-related events, and even food found in people’s kitchens. My name is Rebecca Liebes and I am a self-proclaimed Foodie. I am very passionate about food. When it comes to food, I love to eat, cook, shop for it and see what others are eating, cooking and shopping for. Oh, and you may want to know that I have a doctorate degree in human nutrition and I am a registered dietitian.

The Toledo area has a wealth of food opportunities and lacks documentation about this on the internet. So here we are! I would like to mention The Toledo Blade reviews restaurant’s weekly. Their reviews are very informative and you can search their archives to find out about a restaurant prior to eating there. But this is a more subjective take on food in Toledo – a foodie-nutritionist’s perspective.

I also look forward to your feedback and comments on these posts. If you are interested in something in particular, please ask. Sometimes I will make assumptions that may or may not be the case. I am trying to veer away from the usual nutrition related dietitian-speak and focus more on the food; although my training and education undoubtedly drives food selection, subconsciously.

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