Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rockwell's Steak House

I had the most amazing shrimp cocktail for $12.95 and most tender steak at Rockwells. Located in the Oliver House 27 Broadway St, Toledo, OH, Tel: (419) 241-1253, this restaurant is somewhat pricey yet deems a very high quality meal. The photo above is of my friend’s steak which was ordered well-done. The point is it was so tender you could still push it down easily with the fork. Shrimp is served with four huge shrimp with dry ice and water so it is foggy – beautiful presentation.

Other offerings on the lunch menu were brie almondine for $9.85, crab cakes appetizer for $10.95, grilled shrimp salad for $9.99, Ceasar salad with tuna or chicken for $8.99, three flatbreads which the waitress described as pizza: steak & bruschetta for $9.29, seafood scampi for $10.29, and pesto veggie supreme for $9.29. The sandwich offerings were USDA prime burger, open faced ribeye & onion for, crab stuffed portabella, Rockwell’s club, and steak, cheese & onion; all sandwiches are $9.95 and are served with delicious hand-cut Rockwell’s fries.

Entrees on Rockwell’s lunch menu included Duck al’organe for $13.95, lamb chops for $17.29, Mahi Mahi for $12.95, lobster pot for $17.95, seared Ahi tuna for $12.95, Monteray Jack chicken for $11.95, and all entrees include asparagus with hollandaise sauce.

On to Rockwell’s signature prime beef. The 6 oz filet was $27.95, 12 oz filet was $37.95, house cut was $28.95, New York Strip was $34.95, Delmonico ribeye was $32.95, and the cowboy steak was $39.95. Our waitress said they get their steaks fresh from the Chicago stockyard. It seems like they use a lot of butter when cooking the steak and they may also help explain why it is so tender. Hope you enjoy your trip to Rockwell's Steak House!

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