Saturday, December 29, 2007

Toledo Area Sushi
More and more sushi joints are popping up everywhere you turn. I have not yet tried the smaller ones but I did recently try Nagoya. Nagoya is a combination Japanese steakhouse and sushi restaurant. We sat in the lounge and ate only sushi. Our most enjoyable roll was the queen and I roll with grilled sea bass and asparagus. The “shows” at the hibachi tables sounded like people were having great fun! The sushi was very good and we had a nice meal.

Our very most favorite Toledo area sushi restaurant is Kotobuki. This was one of the first places in Toledo where you could get sushi. It is still very consistent and delicious. Last night we had the firecracker roll which is a Philadelphia roll with a very spicy crab topping. It is very enjoyable. The other unique item at Kotobuki is the ginger ice tea. Surprisingly we could not find this at the other restaurants we tried. Kotobuki is a very relaxing experience. You leave feeling satisfied but not overly stuffed.

The other sushi restaurant we enjoy is Yoko. This is the first place we ever had the Ohio crunch roll. It is a Philadelphia roll that has been lightly breaded and deep fried so it comes out hot. It is best enjoyed at the restaurant rather than take out because it loses its heat and crispiness.

We've also enjoyed hand made sushi at Tea Tree Bistro Lovely decorations are found in this Asian Fusion restaurant. They are better known for their Chinese and Cantonese dishes and have a wide variety of delicious menu items.

When you eat sushi, be sure to eat the pickled ginger with it. Ginger has so many fabulous health benefits. Most commonly known are digestive benefits – it is often used to quell morning sickness for pregnant women. However it also has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to help people with osteoarthritis. Ginger also protects against colorectal cancer, diabetes, asthma, ovarian cancer, and boosts your immune system. For more detailed information about the health benefits of ginger see

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